Casablanca | Fine Middle Eastern Cuisine
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Chef Jesse Musa, a native of Jerusalem, grew up around exotic spices and a passion for exquisite yet simple food. It was his desire to bring warm hospitality and delicious Middle Eastern food to Milwaukee.


Jesse immigrated to The United States in 1971, where he worked in a Sicilian Bakery as a chef with dreams of one day owning his own restaurant. In 1987, he made his dream come true by opening his first Middle Eastern restaurant “The Sahara Inn”. Three years later he changed the name to “Casablanca”, which was inspired by his favorite classic film.

Over a decade later, Casablanca is run by Jesse’s eldest sons Ramzi, Al and Nas, who have relocated the restaurant to the historic Brady Street on Milwaukee’s Eastside. Casablanca has combined a casual yet elegant Mediterranean atmosphere, while keeping fresh and authentic Middle Eastern cuisine the focus.

We are delighted to present you with a menu that blends ingredients and preparation from different Middle Eastern cultures to create what makes this a truly unique dining experience. Thank you for choosing Casablanca.

~ The Musa Family

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The warm & pleasant atmosphere is surpassed only by the quality & taste of our food.

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